’Dynamic and magnetic’

‘A power pack’

‘Funny and engaging’

On the main stage and through virtual events, Corrinne brings Fearless Leadership to life. Your audience will leave with actionable insights to lift their careers, teams and organisation

Guerrilla Leadership

The value of human connection

Key messages: Adventure, Trust, Vulnerability, Leadership

There are times when everything is too much. Urgent priorities, high uncertainty, low morale, sleep deficit, and danger lurks in the shadows. Nothing can be worse… Until the enemy starts shelling! Welcome to the life of a guerrilla fighter, where there is much to learn about leadership.

Corrinne lived and worked in a refugee camp on the edge of a war zone, falling in love with a guerrilla fighter. He was a natural leader – operating in dire circumstances and fuelled by strong sense of purpose, and vulnerable enough to trust and bold enough to dream that another way was possible.

Audiences will be on the edge of their seats as Corrinne shares stories from her time in the jungle; lessons about leadership that are just as applicable in our corporate jungle as they are in a war zone.

Afraid to fail – Guerrilla Leadership

This keynote will:

Show it’s possible to stay focussed, regardless of chaos and overwhelm

Provoke personal exploration

Demonstrate what’s needed to inspire others and lead under fire

Challenge people to see leadership as an activity and not a role.

Ask More. Tell Less. Lead Fearlessly:

Creating Fearless Cultures and saving the world

Key messages: Leadership, Performance, Engagement, Change

True leadership requires a new and innovative approach. It’s a tough gig! Boosting engagement, building accountability, fostering creativity are still the cornerstones of brilliant leadership, but today’s rapidly changing landscape requires more.

As leaders, our desire to solve problems for our people can often drive us to help too hard. This powerful keynote inspires leaders at all levels of the business to deliver superior results by learning a few simple techniques that promote initiative and enhance ingenuity.

Your audience will hear incredible stories as Corrinne shares transformational insights into brain science, that will shift your ‘ask/tell ratio’ to connect deeply, lead fearlessly and achieve results.

Afraid to listen – Ask more

This keynote will:

Promote a NEW kind of leadership

Move people from complacency to collective power

Help leaders understand why telling is not the answer

Empower the audience to build curiosity and sit comfortably with uncertainty

Leave people inspired to lead their own quest to follow their ‘why’ and save the world

Fearless Leadership

12 ways to derail your leadership fast

Key messages: Leadership, Performance, Engagement, Influence

As leaders, we all act with the best intentions. But what happens when our inside intentions are not reflected to others by our external behavior? It’s harder to influence upwards, our teams don’t respond well, our career can stall… We can be derailed very fast! 

Consider the leader whose intention is to support his team and maintain a high standard, and yet is seen by his line manager and his team as a micromanager. Performance suffers. Derailed!

Corrinne gives the audience speed overviews of the 12 leadership derailers, drawing laughter, insight and sometimes some uncomfortable squirms as people recognise themselves and others. This keynote draws on her book ‘Developing Direct Reports: Taking the guesswork out of leading leaders’, and she shares immediately actionable insights to reach your leadership potential.

Afraid to connect – Fearless Leadership

In this keynote, Corrinne will show your people how to :

Recognise the 12 common leadership derailers

Understand which derailer most limits their own leadership, and how to avoid being derailed

Create improved relationships and build greater influence

Accelerate their career by architecting their impact

Lead stronger performance

Having heard so many public speakers over the years I can honestly put Corrinne up there with the best of them. She has a great way of engaging with her audience.  She is upbeat and imparts career-changing ideas by reflecting on everyday business practices.

Gillian French

Director, Development and Alumni, Griffith University

Corrinne’s background is fascinating. She has mastered the art of storytelling. Her content and delivery are inclusive and engaging, appealing to everyone in the audience from junior leaders to executives.

Natalie Lockwood

Head of Client Relationship Management, VISA

Corrinne created an electric atmosphere in the room. She was funny, engaging and above all shared valuable insights that our audience were able to apply to their own organisations. Bravo!

Dr Paul Mumme

Project Manager, Konnect Learning